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The great homework debate: Too much, too little or busy work? Photos: Parents grade their kids' homework: Too much or not enough? Hide Caption. Story highlights There homework too much or too little a sharp debate among parents about homework The National PTA composition dissertations 10 minutes of homework per night per grade level The research on the benefits of homework is mixed Giving students homework time at the end of school day helps, say students. Ask parents how they feel about homework, as we did on CNN's Facebook pageand the response is immediate and intense. So many parents from all over the country sounded off passionately, saying we expect too much, too little or the wrong things from young students.

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Reflective essay self knowledge

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Play to Win by Larry Wilson introduces a simplistic, yet optimistic, method of viewing life. It embraces two fundamental views — emotional and spiritual maturity that allows us to evaluate who we are. Life is an adventure to be experienced, lived, experimented with, and committed to.? Wilson,, p. We all can choose dissimilar and painful paths to get to the safe place and that is okay.

When looking back, my second life-learning lesson came through financial growth. This growth was to some extent expected since I was so lavish with cash. My financial motto was that money comes and money goes. I knew eventually, I needed to get a grasp on my foolish spending habit, but it spun out of control with each purchase. There were days where I would squander money like there was no tomorrow.

I never planned for the future let alone on for the next meal. For the first time without my parents, with unlimited freedom in a new state and living the college experience, I was not concerned about money. First, the credit card companies started calling, then the phone line was disconnected, I was evicted, then my car was repossessed. Going out and having fun took priority over my own well-being.

At the age of twenty-two with all my financial problems and with no one to help me, the only solution was to file for bankruptcy. Upon reflection that was one of the scariest experiences of my life. Those were testing times hardship had conquered my life. I had no money; living paycheck to paycheck became the norm.

Since I had no money, my friends and public transportation became my only source of getting to school. Paying for school, getting any kind of credit, or even writing a check became difficult. Many times I wanted to return back to my parents. I learned how to be strong through financially tough times and how to never lose track of my expenditures.

Clearly identifying who we are is often a challenging endeavor. Each of us has a metal persona that? I am perfect, everything I do is great and everyone else is wrong.? We as human beings, often get defensive to negative feedbacks and any kind of change is often a gruesome task to part take in.

It is hard to accept differences of opinion. Plus, it takes a lot of energy, openness, and willingness to listen to positive or negative feedback from others. Therefore, I believe personal growth is a work in process for each individual that are willing to accept the challenge. No one really counts the number of obstacles they face in their lives because as the years go by, they just keep piling on endlessly. I chose to only reflect back on the obstacles that have made the biggest impact on my character, such as watching my oldest brother go back and forth between home and a jail cell, my father dying, and having an autistic brother.

The greatest challenge I have faced so far is trying to support the unstable and fragile men in my life. I knew that I would always remember that scene. I soon came to realize that I would have to grow up without my older brother in my life. He was always in some type of pain that was too complex for me to understand.

I was raised by a single mother with public assistance and had relatives that were either on the streets, in jail or worse, dead. Overall, I started to really embody optimism and it helped me get through all the time I was waiting on my brother to get released from prison. By making the most of each day, more opportunities came to me than I ever could have imagined.

However, the years were not always easy for me. The difficulty of trying to live a considerably normal life with a sibling with a disability is more challenging than one would think. He is not only my brother but my twin. His name is Dante and he has a form of autism that makes him unable to speak actual words, most of the time, he responds in sounds. Dante and I were always on two different levels. As the firstborn, Dante seemed like he could do everything.

After several months of being on this Earth, he decided that he could walk, talk, and pee in the toilet all by himself. Then one day around the time when we just had turned two years old, my brother was diagnosed with autism. For years, my mother, my brother, and I lived off his disability check just to have our basic needs and get by on rent each month.

His dependence seemed so unfair. One of my biggest goals in life is to be independent and not rely on others to live day to day, especially after seeing it first hand with my own brother. As his challenge is a challenge to me as well, I am nevertheless grateful that I am not the one in his shoes but I can not help but wish there was something I could do to break him out of this mental prison he will be in for life.

I thought we would have had more time to fix our relationship. He was not the best of dads, but he was definitely not the worst. He was easily irritable, but also constantly saddened. His death led me to reflect on myself and how I would want to be remembered.

I recall one moment where he and I were having one of our last conversations. I knew by the way he looked at me if I was in for another one of his serious talks about life. It was about college and planning out my future while I was still young. He kept telling me how he hoped I would seek a higher education one day, no matter what challenges I might encounter in that process.

One of his biggest regrets was never having graduated from high school. My father never wanted to imagine one of his children doing the same thing. He would have been so proud to see that even as I became older, my main focus still stayed on academics. I am trying my hardest now to achieve the things my father and I talked about that day: not just because it would have made him happy, but because it will give me one less regret in life.

I typically try not to think of my challenges too often, but I have concluded that my challenges are what keep me motivated and persistent to accomplish my highest goals. I refuse to let adversity crush me because that would mean that my family and I would have done all this suffering for nothing.

I do not live in vain, I live for a purpose and that is to inspire people to be more than what they think they are capable of. No day is promised, but the future is always full of possibilities. The characters portrayed in this novel all seem to have their own interpersonal issues, but one character seems to stand out. John Proctor is a troubled character and continues to contribute toward his own downfall.

Self-reflection is held and created in the mind of an individual and serves as the way that person sees themselves. We all see ourselves in a different manner than those who see us and we are responsible for how we see ourselves. Our actions, beliefs, and our sense of belonging all contribute to our self-perseverance.

Because I cannot have another in my life! Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name! Only if John Proctor had stayed true to his self -image would the affair be non-existent, but his life would be spared. The media is constantly covering issues with politics, and the mistakes made within the government. More specifically, the media is currently covering presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and the lies upon lies she is creating to try and cover her tracks.

Between John Proctor, and Hillary Clinton it could be concluded that they are relative in some way. However, only one admitted to his wrongdoing thus far. Perhaps if John Proctor took responsibility for his actions earlier in the book, the repercussions of his actions would not be so severe. His mistakes started with Abagail Williams, and led to a downhill spiral or slippery slope, significantly worsening the situation. This life lesson can apply to anyone, as everyone makes mistakes.

When Proctor finally admits to his affair with Abagail Williams, he showed that integrity still remained within his morals. The power of his integrity saved his wife Elizabeth from death. Also, Proctor concludes that if he keeps this secret, he will be acting like a coward and the end result would be betraying his wife again.

Today, people with no sense of integrity can run for president, be president, and fail to be prosecuted for excessive integrity violation. Reading The Crucible during this point in time sheds extreme concern for society as a whole. In integrity was treated in a more serious matter than it is today, and it shows completely.

The events of the crucible, and the literature in the book brings a different perspective for its audience, once a correlation is devolved in similarity to When I first entered English II, I was extremely unconfident of what was to become of myself and my progress in the next level of the subject. I knew English to me was a shaky subject, and the more challenging obstacles of English II had not failed to seem rather intimidating. The obstacles to which I had to face were not only academic but also social.

Do not think that I am the kind of person who clings to people or depends on needing to be with specific people in order to succeed. However, it was rather difficult not having any friends while enduring in a demanding subject—well, at least in my case. Now did I realize that not having any friends in my English class was not detrimental, yet actually beneficial, since I was provided less to no distraction?

Despite my occasional missing of homework—which I apologize for—I felt I succeeded in focusing more on learning how to become more successful at English, especially my essay writing. I knew all of my knowledge of my past mistakes and the basics Mrs. Mastrobattisto taught me in the first couple of weeks would guide me into succeeding with the first of the grueling tasks of English II.

The main things I learned in order to make this paper a success were two things: relevant quotations and drafts. Relevant quotations were a must in this paper, as there were many meaningful quotes in To Kill a Mockingbird, yet only a handful of relevant ones that could be used to support my ideas. The other big concept was drafted. I wrote many drafts over a week—I think at least three.

Each time my paper was shaped into even a better form than the last. This I had never done in English I. This paper meant a lot to me as it was the first sign of improvement since English I and gave me hope for the rest of the year. My first analysis paper had been written with my better understanding of essay structure, but the raw knowledge of how to write could not be better displayed than in my first written piece of the year, the First Common Assessment on summer reading.

This piece shows the extent of the ability of how I could write based on what I learned from English I. I felt extremely anxious writing this piece at the time; probably due to the fact that I had to trace back information from a book I read five weeks earlier or that I was being timed.

But as it seemed, it took too long to process and overcomplicate ideas, which ended up in hasty endings and poor analyses. After writing this paper, I learned not to overcompensate my ideas with fancy writing and to put down the main ideas and analyses for timed essays, and to leave the really nice writing for home, where I can write for as long as I want. This experience aided me later on when I soon encountered test essays.

When one thinks of critical analysis papers, one usually recollects a sense of difficulty and stress. Test essays were the stones on the path to academic success on which you can trip and fall. Test essays acted as miniature analysis papers with no availability of resources—just whatever you studied the night before. For example, my essay for my test on To Kill a Mockingbird was a bomb.

No way was I able to fully analyze and collect my thoughts into a clearly written essay at the time. As I said before, timed pieces are my weakness. Yet, practice with this type of piece would further strengthen my ability to write such pieces later on. The most important thing stressed in sophomore year is to pass the CAPT. That seemed like a lot of stress. And practicing for it made it seem even more intense. I never understood the boundaries of writing for an essay, in which case how much is too little or too much.

Too little writing may cost points for inadequate analysis, while too much writing meant points off for information that may seem irrelevant or incorrect. It being timed did not matter to me for this occasion, but the spaces given were quite deceiving. One wants to use as much space as possible, yet condense the ideas to fit yet add everything necessary.

I never felt confident in my answers because I could never balance things out, either the filling of space or putting in the detail with not much space. Hopefully, I can work on that in the future. Most of which I have written was mostly negative. That is due to the fact that it took the whole year for me to mature in my writing, and in that fact I felt unashamed.

I want to be able to gain the ability to understand anyone. This requirement covers information about colleagues and extends to communications with others in a social sense as well as work- related situations. Pupils will look up to teaching assistants and they will see them as someone they can trust, therefore it is important you handle any problems they address you with appropriately and ensure you inform them of what you are going to do.

Feeling a connection with a counselor who shows they really believe in the client and the goals they have set together is the first step in making the client more engaged in the healing process. Great job! As for my professional experience on the knowledge on critical thinking these strategies will help support the thinking process that I can give and help deliver the information to my students in the proper form.

This will also help my students with the lectures that I teach in class, to understand the theory, help social skills, and as well as work ethics. These are so important not for students but for everyone. I can remember when a teacher of mine explained how much one can learn from so many, this is so. With any relationship, listening skills are needed to show clients you understand and interpret the information correctly.

I need to work on the following skills being more attentive in non-verbal ways, such as; summarizing the details the client is explaining to me. I need to remind myself as an upcoming vocational rehabilitation counselor to ask more open ended questions when gather information because it will help me acquire more details so I can better help them through the vocational process.

I hope to create a working alliance between all my clients because I feel this is essential for an individual to be successful in a counseling environment that will help the client achieve their. Talk to the experts about their educational qualification of the staff, and work experience in this domain. Know the schedule of the everyday activities that children are involved in so that you can compare it with other centres, and make a wise decision.

It is essential to value your gut feeling after you seek answers to all your. For example in the workforce if i am communicative to customers they will most likely feel welcomed and appreciated. If i am commutative with my family they can understand me and help me if i need any help. I now know what my strengths are and I am going to keep them up. Although I also have weaknesses I now know how to strengthen them in order to progress in life.

The discovery wheel has help me understand myself better and make me certain of what kind of student I am. I need to take action to address them. I need to seek help from supervisor for training or education session to improve my skills and knowledge. It is necessary to identify own limitations, weakness. Self evaluation, help to determine whether the skills currently I have are sufficient or whether they need to be improved.

The benefits of encouraging and accepting feedback is to help me improve my work learn from my mistakes and to help me feel more confident in the work that I am doing. There are standard exercises and homework that are assigned to clients, including self-care, breathing exercises, and communicating with family members. The standard exercises and homework is based on what topics the group is learning about today. The rationale for this is that clients will learn to incorporate the skills they have been learning in their day to day function.

They are explained to the client as the opportunity for them to learn skills that will help them be able to cope with daily upsets. By watching my role model, I have learned leadership skills that I will always continue to use.

I have learned to become an honest person with strong morals. Teachers know that they can trust me to get the work done. If they see a problem happening, they can ask me what is going on and they know that my response will be truthful. If a student has a question or problem, they can trust my opinion on what is the right thing to do. He shared this leadership style has been effective for him building rapport, respect, and camaraderie amongst his subordinates.

He says the best way to enter a team is to learn the team you are leading before you commit to one style of leadership. Inquire the needs of the men and women and establish the leadership that is effective for you. Like most things, we adapt and sometimes fall into different areas of leadership as needed. First, I would get familiar with what it means to have self-knowledge.

In my opinion, I believe self-knowledge is having the ability to look at myself and become more familiar with what my weaknesses and strengths are.


I knew that a lot of my mistakes where things that I looked over because I was distracted. Although I know my weakness when it comes to writing I try to stay optimistic with my work. I know if I keep writing I can improve and be more detailed when it comes to checking for…. Taking the time to analyse the readings is very helpful when writing because it helps you not only stick to the prompt, but gain fluent ideas as you write so everything is well organized throughout the description of the essay.

As Elbows method requires lots of problem solving within your brain, which to me is too much to ask for as it makes the writing process much more difficult. I would say most people just like me tend to avoid that ,and rather stay on a clear and more simple path that allows them to more sufficiently, write an…. When it comes to writing I am too hard on myself. I can finish writing a whole paragraph or two, only to press the backspace bar and delete my work. When it came to writing my first essay I did not turn it in on time because I was not confident in my writing.

In the first essay, I had to analyze every question I was asking myself. It was easy for me to answer the question, but hard for me to actually go more into detail about the answer I had given. This caught me off guard, because I thought I remembered how to properly do so, but after seeing the notes on Writing Project Three I realize that in the future I will have to be more studious of this.

As stated, I thought I had no need to worry about this particular part of writing. I wonder if the reason for so many errors in Writing Project Three was because I did not comb through it enough during the editing process.

This will be another thing to keep in mind for my future work. Coming from that and placing to an Ivy League school, you should be represented. Peer reviewing was a little difficult, everybody has their own style of writing and it hard to break it down and find the certain errors, but I have been getting better at it. Certain things I left out in my essay that my peer reviewers mentioned was to make my ideas clearer and specific, along with smoothing my transitions before jumping right in.

In fixing my essay, I have made my transitions more smoothly starting with a little thesis to it, than backing up what I say. I made these changes because it was hard for a person who never read the book to wrap their head around what getting…. Safely I take the secure route and make sure to take it to a professional for they can revise it themselves, and critique me on my errors.

I listen very closely to what they have to say thus it helps immensely to perfect the essay. Some people would argue that getting feedback from others is not too good but most of the time it works for me. The reason why I like others to read my writing is because it helps me catch some errors in my writing. What I find most confusing is once I have ideas, how to put them together. I always need help with the organization of my writing.

I feel like without an organization is really easy for the reader to get lost. Throughout the entire lesson, I would use informal terms that are not appropriate when I am instructing. For my next lesson I want to work to focus on correct language and saying the right terms during my lesson. I can see that it would be confusing if I mixed my words up for students who already maybe confused during the lesson.

Self awareness if important because once you are able to figure out these things about yourself, you can make the changes you need to make your life better. Emotional intelligence being able to identify and control your emotions is directly connected to becoming self aware and plays an important role in becoming a successful human being. By becoming self aware, you are creating the things you need to become in control of your emotions and behaviors.

When you reach a high level of self awareness it is almost as if your thoughts are speaking to you directly, helping you to figure out what paths to take in your life. You will be able to control how you react to things and how to focus your attentions to the most beneficial areas.

These things are what help you to make positive changes in your life. Without self awareness, it can be very difficult to steer your thoughts and emotions in a healthy direction and you may find it hard to make good decisions in your life. In essence, becoming self aware is the first step on the journey to finding the best you are and how to direct that energy into positive directions.

Self awareness is also a vital part in having good and healthy relationships. This goes for romantic relationships, friendships, family relationships and relationships with co-workers. By changing the way your mind interprets what you think you are able to also change your emotions which in turn helps to enhance the quality of the relationships in your life. Being self aware also allows you to understand others better and be able to empathize with them which also helps build better relationships.

The most basic way to begin your development of self awareness is to practice putting your focus on all the details of your personality and behaviors, even the smallest details as they can prove to be the most important things that effect who we are. You cannot learn how to become self aware by reading a book.

A book can indeed teach you things and but you on the right path to self awareness, but you have to remember that when reading a book, what you are focusing your attention on is the concepts it is teaching you. What you must focus on to become self aware in the concepts in your own mind that deal with you, your emotions and your behaviors. In a way, learning how to become self aware is like learning a new dance step. You are conscious of each step you are making and to the beat of the music.

Think of yourself as the dancer who has to pay attention to the beat of the music. The dance is you and the beat is your mind and the consciousness of what it contains. When you are a dancer and you make a misstep, you have to rethink what caused it. It is the same way when you are becoming self aware. When you experience a stressful or emotional situation or moment we must stop and take it all. By doing this you are looking for the triggers of your emotion or behavior.

If you can figure this out, you can avoid the triggers or find a way to confront them, changing how your react to them. According to many mental health professionals, there are five specific ways for a person to become happier in their lives through self awareness. Self reflection is not much different than self awareness and they are very much connected to each other.

The definition of self reflection is the exercising of introspection, coupled with the willingness to learn about yourself, in order to help achieve self awareness. Self reflection is something that has been practiced from the early days of man and is deeply rooted in philosophy. Self reflection in the world of philosophy refers to the understanding of your mentality, beliefs, and life desires.

The IAT self-awareness reflection paper will discuss personal reactions to the results of the exercise.

Collingwood college homework club My current priority has been to build my relationship with God. Popular Essays. Listening, on the other hand, is the process of hearing the other person you are communicating with. Butterworth, T. One area of communication where most people are worst at is listening. Throughout the entire lesson, I would use informal terms that are not appropriate when I am instructing.
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Fuqua mba essays 2011 Peer reviewing was a little difficult, everybody has their own style of how to write corporate mail and it hard to break it down and find the certain errors, but I have been getting better at it. Self awareness is also a vital part in having good and healthy relationships. For the case of personal development, a person frequently operates as the principal judge of improvement. This made me feel like I gave up my power as a human being to come up with my world the way I possibly see it. This was a reflective essay self knowledge experience where I was emotionally comfortable enough to look back at life. Corroboration of objective improvement requires an assessment which has to be carried out using a standard criterion Johns,
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First, I would get familiar with what it means to have self-knowledge. In my opinion, I believe self-knowledge is having the ability to look at myself and. Self-awareness: learning about yourself to improve The purpose of reflection is to improve practice and become informed in our decisions. It's a reflective essay, and I am using the Gibbs Reflective Cycle This development of self awareness, along with the ability to self.