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Utm architecture thesis

During the past, wet market was not only a place for local people to purchase merchandises. It was a gathering platform that allowed the local to spend their time carrying out social activities. This caused the wet market to become the centre point of a community, and thus, becoming one of the main components that aided in growing a city. However, the identity of the wet market as a sociable place is gradually losing due to a variety of unsolved issues that have been created along the time.

By facing these problems, we are losing the jewel that helps bring flourishment to a city and community. Same goes to the situation of the Chow Kit Wet market. Thus, this session will discuss on the sociability of wet market, and bringing out with the basis strategies that can improve the sociability of the wet market. The strategies can act as the guideline for the future researchers or designers to improve the situation of the wet market.

The areas surrounding Chow Kit has seen a large development change the focuses on economic and social developments, namely the Kampung Baru Redevelopment Scheme and the River of Life. Chow Kit is sandwiched between these two large developments, which creates endless potential for its community and built environment to be connected to the surrounding development. The design aims to utilize placemaking and transit-oriented development TOD principles in its architectural space making, urban relationships, and formulation of building programs.

Veridia Lakeside is located in Medini township where its urban heat index and water stress index is high. However, the site also shows a significant rainfall and wind speed data. Thus, the Author proposes a solution which integrates both water and wind in building design to test their cooling capability.

The design depicts a detailed climatic response through form-making, cooling-tech and spatial arrangement in the building proposal which is proven using water and wind simulations. All in all, the thesis explores the strategies for water and wind harvesting, cooling and experience in a building as an environmentally-sustainable cooling alternative in the hot and humid climate.

The Author proposing Sentul Pavillion as a new landmark for Bandar Baru Sentul by improving spatial legibility through connectivity and visibility analysis. There are no specific place for a person to get creative but how a design student can ensure this process to take place at their workplace through the physical work environment no matter if their workplaces are in the studio, hostel or their own house? This thesis studied what Architecture students thought on what is necessary for them to enhance and increase their creativity at their own respective workplaces.

Azari Mat Yasir Assoc. Photovoltaic usually used on the building roof in order to achieve maximum solar penetration. It can gives advantages on generating electricity by solar energy as well as can help to shade building as it is used as a shading device. Thus, this research attempt to achieve low energy building through integrated shading device as building envelop in tropical sky condition.

Khairul Anwar b. Thus, in achieving the objectives, floating, elevating, and tetrahedral modular structure are synergized crossing on land, on water, and under water, as a living ecological infrastructure for a healthy symbiotic relationship of coastal ecosystem. The innovation demonstrate the basis of architecture of art and science integrated ecologically, to foster a sustainable social- ecological model, for future coastal developpment.

It is also act as a tool in achieving five focused Sustainable Development Goal. SDG 9, 11, 13, 14, and 15, that to protect the planet and people to enjoy peace and prosperity by This thesis is about a craft and heritage district that acts an urban armature in connecting Seremban decaying fabrics. It has addressed the issue of connectivity between the oldest town in Seremban and residential area by reviving the brownfield.

The abandoned depot with cultural significance which located on the site has been conserved in order to respond to the issue of the lack of historical awareness among the locals. The thesis design aim is to propose a meeting place between people, heritage building and the Seremban old town through minimal intervention to the heritage building but at the same time celebrates hundred years of railways passing over history in a new language to let the past participated in the present activities.

Abdullah Sani Ahmad Dr. Roshida Abdul Majid. Social sustainability is a critical issue that needs to be addressed especially at multi-storey housing. The social spaces are usually limited and monotonous. There is an urgent need for sustainable and quality development of an affordable housing scheme within the key urban areas. The thesis aims to elevate social sustainability in the multi-storey dwelling with the objectives of identify the definition of social interaction, identifying the social interaction problems faced by the occupants in the multi-storey dwelling and to design a habitate that encourage social interaction.

The current design of affordable housing is insufficient to fully maximise interactions. The housing scheme needs to undergo a paradigm shift and focus on the social aspect that can contribute to a greater cause instead of considering only the functional aspects.

Therefore, future multi-storey dwelling needs to be the birthplace in encouraging social interaction and cohesiveness. Through the placemaking theory, meaningful spaces can be created to encourage social interactions as a way forward for social sustainability in Malaysia. Noraslinda bt Abdul Rahmand Assoc.

Raja Nafida bt Raja Shahminan. As time passed, the customs and heritage left by this historic city began to fade and disappeared in modernization. The results of the field study have found that some schools in Seri Menanti have neglected the features of the local architecture and made the design too alienated to the site which is considered to be a historically sensitive context.

This study focuses on the features of regional architecture in Seri Menanti by examining local architectural styles, factors that influence it and the philosophy behind it. The results of the study will explain the richness and grandeur of regionalism architectural features that have transcended their ages, and the importance of preserving this national architectural treasure.

Full Drawing Set All works featured here have been submitted as part of the academic exercise for the Master of Architecture programme in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Khaidzir The term walkability implies multiple definitions relating to social sustainability, social resilience, livability and social equity, and primarily defines the usability of connections and linkages adjacent to socially accessible spaces. Drawing Razin Mahmood The circular economy redefines the business model toward the looped life-cycle application of the material to replace the current practice of the linear economy.

Full Drawing Set. Razin b Mahmood Construction industry accounts as a threat to the environment, not only in terms of high consumption of natural resources but also in emitting million tons of carbon emission annually. Sharifah Salwa Syed Mahdzar The villages-villages settlements along the riverside of Gombak river forms the values of the local identity and cultural of the Gombak river. Sharifah Salwa bt Syed Mahdzar Setapak old town, a historic small town situated along Jalan Pahang north of Kuala Lumpur city centre, suffers a decline in vitality despite being spatially accessible as indicated by the desirable integration value of space syntax analysis.

Doris Toe Hooi Chyee Seremban with its relatively small land area packed with at least 9 cinemas to services its community in the past century. Lim Yaik Wah RTIST Designer Centre focuses on daylight harvesting to allow natural daylighting into the building by using passive design strategy for daylit office environment. Chan Wai Lai During the past, wet market was not only a place for local people to purchase merchandises.

Razin Mahmood Veridia Lakeside is located in Medini township where its urban heat index and water stress index is high. The Design Folio is a publication collecting selected students' thesis works from a particular year. It is published with the notion of showcasing works based on specific theme for each publication. Students works are then selected based on the theme, ideally spanning between three and five years of thesis works.

However, in its two innumeration, the selection is limited within a group of students in a particular year. The publication is intended for commercial publications. The editorial consists of entirely students from the thesis group, advised and consulted by the Thesis Coordinators. To date, there have been two successful publications: the first in [5] and the second in The association have adopted a song written by one of the students in the late 80s, Zuhairi Harun.

The song was titled 'Warisan', touching on the struggle of heritage and identity of architecture in Malaysia. The song have gone through a number of renditions, including quickening of tempo and change of melody, however the spirit of the song remains. The architectural workshop is an annual national gatherings of architectural students in Malaysia. Concurrently during the workshop, the PAM-Education Liaison Meeting would also take place to take advantage of the gatherings of students from various schools in one location.

Architech was the pioneer of the architectural workshop, which exists until today. The last architectural workshop hosted by Architech was in June using the theme "Terang". It was the biggest architectural workshop ever hosted by Architech, involving over 24 schools of architecture from all over Malaysia. Saifuddin Ahmad.

At the moment, it is undecided on when the next hosting by Architech will be, but it is estimated around From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 15 August Retrieved 13 August Alternative : a design folio Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Skywriting studio. ISBN Architectural Design Thesis.

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