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Composition dissertations

The Purdue University Libraries collects, preserves, and provides access to dissertations as original works of scholarship in conjunction with doctorates awarded by the University.

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McCracken, Christopher , "Mess management in microbial ecology: Rhetorical processes of disciplinary integration. Advisor: Derek Van Ittersum. Krishnan, Uma , "A cross cultural study of the literacy practices of the Dabbawalas: Towards a new understanding of nonmainstream literacy and its impact on successful business practices. Sloan, Phillip , "Assembling the identity of 'writer. Povozhaev, Lea , "Addiction rhetoric: Conceptual metaphors in conversational illness narratives.

Wagoner, Elizabeth , "Interpreting the multimodal novel: A new method of textual scholarship. Hanes, Stacie , "The sense and sensibility of the 19th-Century fantastic. Hall, Alexander C. Lewis Caccia, Jr. Witte Kairos, Production, and Writing. Skip to main content. Live Chat. Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs M. AND M. Department of English.

Mailing Address P. Box Kent, OH Street Address E. As you design your portfolio, you should consult often with your chair. Other members of your committee may be consulted as well; work with your chair to arrange a workable advice process. Your chair is likely to be the only faculty member who will see the entire portfolio before formal submission. We also encourage you to take advantage of the informal support opportunities offered in the program, including Composition Colloquium, reading groups, and the like.

Many graduate students have informal writing groups as well or choose to bring drafts to the Writing Center as well. The portfolio should not exceed 60 pages excluding optional appended material. Key elements include:. Typically, in our evaluation of portfolios, we accord roughly equal weight to the scholarly and teaching materials. Your scholarly work should demonstrate your knowledge of the literature in the field relevant to your topic, your ability to fashion a scholarly argument and support it with appropriate research, and the significance of your contribution to a scholarly conversation.

When the portfolio is complete, your two readers will evaluate it and indicate a pass, b revise and resubmit, or c fail. Once you pass your exam, you may schedule your capstone oral. The capstone oral is a one-hour conversation with your supervisory committee and any faculty readers for your comprehensive exam portfolio who are not on the supervisory committee.

Note that you are responsible for the texts on your reading lists as a whole, whether or not they appear in the written work in your portfolio. In general, most orals proceed this way:. You should think of your dissertation as not only a text, but a process that includes several components: a prospectus and a prospectus meeting with your committee, the text itself and the various interactions with your chair and your committee members while the text is taking shape, and an oral.

This is important to remember because the intellectual work of your dissertation is not confined only to the pages you produce; for example, you might be asked to synthesize elements of your dissertation during an oral in ways you had not thought to do or were not able to do in your text. Each successful dissertation project will accomplish these key tasks, but there is a wide range of ways and means for doing so. In the past ten years, dissertation writers in our program have accomplished these goals in these ways, among others:.

In our program, there is no single formal model for what a dissertation must be. The prospectus is a speculative document that lays out a compelling, clear, coherent, and manageable dissertation project. Our expectation is that actually writing your dissertation will change its shape, so we do not hold you to your prospectus in strict terms. But we do expect the prospectus to give us a good understanding of how you intend to approach your project. As you draft your prospectus, you should confer frequently with your chair.

Other member of your committee may be consulted as well. You and your chair may wish to consider possible changes to your committee at this point, as well including possibly changing your chair. Again, we recommend you take advantage of informal opportunities to share your writing and to consider visiting the Writing Center. A dissertation prospectus should be no longer than ten pages including bibliography , and should include:. Once you, your chair, and any consulting committee members determine that the prospectus is complete, you will schedule a formal prospectus meeting of the supervisory committee.

You will provide the final prospectus to the committee in advance of this meeting. Dissertations take various forms and writers complete them in various ways. The Rhetoric and Composition faculty are mindful that writing a dissertation involves the creation and management of a new and evolving writing process for most writers, and we are committed to providing writers with the kind of response they need to do their best work.

At the same time, we come to each dissertation project—as we do to any scholarly project—with somewhat varying perspectives, interests, and commitments. Though this may at times pose a challenge to dissertation writers, we view the successful negotiation of reader expectations to be a hallmark of successful scholarly writing. Your chair is your first reader for the dissertation. Typically, your chair will read and respond to drafts of chapters before the other committee members do.

Typically, at least a loose agreement along these lines is reached during the prospectus meeting. Please be sure that you provide ample time for your committee members to read and respond to your dissertation, especially if they have not been reading chapters along the way.

As a general rule, you should aim to provide readers a month to review and respond to a completed draft of your dissertation. It is not uncommon for writers to meet occasionally with members of the committee as the dissertation is taking shape, but once again, we recommend writers take advantage of the informal opportunities our program provides to support writing.

Many dissertation writers also benefit from visiting the Writing Center. Indeed, the dissertation oral works much like the exam oral: it begins with a brief statement by the candidate, followed by rigorous discussion, and ending with a brief faculty conference.

Often, the faculty will provide advice about publishing prospects for the dissertation or parts of it. But the most important function of the dissertation oral is to consider how your dissertation positions you for future professional work as a scholar and a teacher.

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Richard, Paul Christian Patrice. Sloan, Phillip"Assembling the. Hanes, Stacie"The sense E. Otondo, Felipe. Box Kent, OH Logistican sample resume Address. Kent, OH PARAGRAPH. Wagoner, Elizabeth"Interpreting the multimodal novel: A new method practices of the Dabbawalas: Towards a cooperation workplace essay understanding of nonmainstream. Povozhaev, Lea"Addiction rhetoric: Conceptual metaphors in conversational illness. Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs M. Witte Kairos, Production, and Writing.

Creating a connected classroom: Engaging students with multimodal texts in the community college composition classroom. Ph.D. thesis, Illinois State University. Ph.D. Dissertations in English (Rhetoric and Composition). This is a selected list of the most recent dissertation projects. Additional projects can be. Rhetoric & Composition Dissertations for Rhetoric & Composition dissertations from Ohio Erica Leigh, "Feminist Food Studies in Composition: An.